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Jane Yau talks about a young couple in the late 20s who were married for 4 years, but unable to have children. The husband’s sperm count was low, and mobility of sperm was not good. Jane recommended DXN Spirulina as it good for increasing sperm count. Jane also recommended the wife to take GL/RS to make the ovaries healthy. After taking the supplements for a year, the wife was able to conceive. Now they have 2 beautiful and intelligent daughters, ages 5 and 3 yrs. ¬†


Additional Testimonials

1) Mr D. Ramesh Babu – At the onset, I had doubts about RG & GL being a SARVA ROGA NIVARANI. I was ailing from digestion problem which was creating hurdles in my day to day life. After taking Lingzhi Coffee for a week, I was able to lead a normal life without any further problem. During my wife’s first pregnancy she suffered a lot and we had to rush her to the doctors at least twice a week. The second pregnancy started in the middle of February. She started taking RG & GL from 30th May 2000 with one pair for a week and then increased to two pairs. After two days, the vomiting completely stopped and she felt very brisk and comfortable. She was able to lead a normal life without any problem which occurs during pregnancy. My wife delivered a healthy DXN girl baby on 24th November weighing 3 kgs at Karaikal.

2) Mrs. Sumy Antony -Not able to conceive for 3 years due to toxoplasma (an infection from pets). Abortion occured 2 times when conceived. Started RG+GL on 07.05.2002 with 6 pairs daily. After 4 months, pregnancy positive. She delivered a girl baby with 3.5 kg by normal delivery. The baby was named Anna Maria Ganozhi.

3) Mr. S. Aravindh Alagesan (41 years), Coimbatore – Infertility for 15 years – Started consuming RG+GL 2 pairs in Aug 2000. After 15 days, 4 pairs for 2 months. Mrs. Deviya Bharathi, wife delivered a healthy male baby on 14.10.2001. Baby name is Tharun.

4) Vijaylaxmi Kannan РIndia РLong-term infertility & dysfunctional uterine bleeding : Advised diagnostic laproscopy. Noticed bilateral tubal block. Mr. Kannan (husband) normal with 60 % motility of sperm and count normal. 25.04.00 RG & GL started for both wife & husband with necessary counselling. 22.09.00 Pregnancy test proved positive 16.10.00 Ultra sonogram confirmed the pregnancy. The fetus observed to be healthy. Ganoderma consumption continued.

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