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Chronic ailments such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, kidney failure and cancer are on the rise in our community. Fortunately, there are natural remedies to combat these ailments and bring us back to health.

The Prophet (saws) said, “For every disease that Allah created, He also created its remedy.” (Sahih Bukari)

The Prophet (saws) also mentioned that Mushrooms are a cure for the eyes. (Sahih Bukhari, hadith 4487, 4639 and 5708).

When it comes to mushrooms, there are about 38,000 varieties of mushrooms in the world. But some of the are not fit for human consumption and some can even be harmful. Out of these, about 2,000 mushrooms are edible. And out of these, it has been found that about 200 mushrooms have some medicinal value. And out of these, only 6 mushrooms have high medicinal importance (including Red Ganoderma).

Introducing MalaysianMushrooms for Health and Healing:

MalaysianMushrooms contains more than 200 active elements which can be categorized as water soluble, organic soluble and volatile compounds. The major elements found are Polysaccharide, Adenosine and Triterpenoids, each having their own outstanding medicinal effects.

These mushrooms build health by detoxifying the cells and correcting imbalances (nutritional, hormonal, immune system and acid/alkaline imbalance).

MalaysianMushrooms works holistically, and not on any particular disease. As such, it can work on incurable, chronic and recurrent ailments. It can be taken long-term safely with no side effects. People of all age groups can take it safely.

The company based in Malaysia has made its focus to grow, cultivate and produce MalaysianMushrooms health supplements for the past 25 yrs.  

By natural growth cultivation and hybridizing the 6 types of mushrooms with medicinal capabilities into one powerful, highly potent MalaysianMushrooms for health and healing. This specialized mushrooms are only available from this company. 

Insist on Genuine MalaysianMushrooms products from Authorized Distributors
For healing purposes, make sure you are getting the real MalaysianMushrooms products from authorized distributors only. Only these mushrooms have the healing potency required to produce results. These mushrooms are grown, harvested and made into supplements directly from the organic farm in Malaysia. Only these genuine products have the long history of been bringing about the healing of various ailments for the past 25 years. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous people have started selling bootlegged similar looking products and offering them at cheaper prices all over the Internet such as Amazon and Ebay. If you are not getting the products directly from the authorized distributor whom you can call and speak to, you are getting inferior products. The distributor will also assist you in providing tips and suggestions on getting the best results, and is always there to answer any questions you may have. They are easily accessible by phone or email.

Questions? Feel free to contact:

Amin Shah
Shahclan MalaysianMushrooms
Authorized Distributor of DXN Malaysia
Boston, MA – USA
Phone 617-787-5151