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“Chronic kidney Disease Stage 5”, that’s what the doctor told me about my condition. He continued to tell me, “Your kidney’s won’t be able to perform its normal function anymore.”

My doctor said there are two treatments available for me – dialysis or kidney transplant. Both process costs a lot. But to have an immediate relief to my worsening condition was to undergo dialysis treatment.   

Though she was a medical student studying to be a doctor, Cathy Beldia was given the grim news by her doctor that she has chronic kidney disease stage 5, with no chance of recovery. What a blow to a young girl of only 23 yrs !!

Dialysis is not easy to endure. On Jan 2010, two tubes were embedded on the upper right side of my chest, allowing my blood to flow through the machine for filtering. The clean blood was then returned to my body.  It was done twice a week. I have no choice but to go through the process again and again in order for me to survive. I was only 23 years old at that time.

Then a friend introduced me to the DXN mushrooms. Even when undergoing dialysis, I took 10-15 pairs of RL/GL mushroom extract, 12 Spirulina tablets, 4-6 Cordyceps mushroom tablets, plus Roselle juice and Spice Tea Mushroom each day.

By taking the MalaysianMushroom supplements daily, Cathy’s creatinine level began to normalize.

After several days of continuously taking the products, My creatinine level began to normalize. Today, I am completely freed from the bondage of my illness. 

Thanks for God, and to DXN MalaysianMushrooms.


 Cathy Bedia speaks about her experience with kidney failure and dialysis. (Talk is in the Filipines language)



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